Coordinator of Evening School

The Coordinator of Evening School (CES) is directly responsible to the President and assumes all the responsibilities and prerogatives of the director during the evening sessions. The coordinator of evening programs will assist the President in planning, organizing, coordinating and directing the evening instructional programs. The coordinator of evening school is responsible for the coordination and supervision of the evening programs and other related satellite programs. The CES is also responsible for recruitment and enrollment of prospective students; assisting potential students in the selection of a proper course of training; providing orientation to new students as to school policies; disseminating information concerning school programs, and entrance requirements; counseling and financial aid assistance. The coordinator of evening programs will supervise instructional programs, instructors and other personnel associated with evening school. The coordinator shall perform such other duties as directed by the President.

Required Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution required.  Prior management or administrative experience in a postsecondary school environment preferred; knowledgeable of federal and state financial aid, advising students, recruitment and public relations. Applicant must be knowledgeable of the operations of a technical education environment.  Applicant must be a dynamic individual with excellent communication and computer skills. 

Preferred Qualifications

Assist the President with:

  • Public relations in schools, businesses, industries and other community agencies.
  • Evaluation of evening staff and instructors.
  • Student and class schedules.
  • Curriculum development related to night school offerings.
  • Assist with formal reports; COE, IPEDS, CAR, etc.
  • Implementing curriculums approved by the Tennessee Board of Regents.
  • Corresponding with other agencies to promote technical education.
  • Other duties as assigned by President.


Supervise and /or be responsible for the following:

  • Professional and non-professional evening school personnel.
  • Procurement of books, supplies, equipment and materials needed for instructional use.
  • Student safety and discipline.
  • Recruit, interview, test and enroll applicants.
  • Processing financial aid under guidance of the financial aid coordinator for all night students.
  • Review and advising students related to their progress and attendance.
  • Evening school programs of instruction.
  • Recruitment and recommended hiring of faculty and staff.
  • Recommendation of reprimand or termination of faculty and staff.
  • Evaluation of evening staff
  • Maintenance and security program for the evening school.
  • Requisition items to be purchased.
  • Orient incoming students and new evening faculty.
  • Maintain an adequate system for security of student records, reports, forms, etc.
  • Assist with referral services for applicants and students to other agencies to meet individual needs.
  • Develop training contracts with business and industry to meet requested training scheduled during the evening hours.
  • Advise the director on the department’s budgetary needs.
  • Assist with compilation of data for compliance reports.



1. Use good judgment in decision making process.

2. Display and model professionalism at all times.

3. Value and model accountability, commitment, equity, excellence, integrity and respect.

4. Adhere to the established dress code (professional attire).



Application, cover letter and resume with professional references required. See website for additional details at or call 901-543-6156.

Submit packet to:


Tennessee College of Applied Technology - Memphis

Attention: Pam Farley

550 Alabama Avenue

Memphis TN 38105

or email to: