Facilities Support Associates

Two Full-time Positions Available: Facilities Support Associate Minimum Qualifications
The successful candidate must possess a Technical Diploma or higher from an accredited  institution and  have  prior experience  in facilities  maintenance.   The candidate  must  possess  good verbal  and  writing skills and must be able to work independently under general supervision. The Facilities Support Associate works  under the supervision  of the Facilities  Coordinator.
The Facilities Support Associate is expected to have experience  and general  knowledge  in the 
areas  below  in order to perform  the common duties  listed:
Electrical - Check and/or replace broken or non-working light switches and receptacles; replace 
fluorescent  lamps,  ballasts, and  other fixtures.
Plumbing - Able to troubleshoot problems with sinks, toilets, faucets, flush valves, and toilet 
HVAC/Refrigeration - Change rooftop unit filters and belts; check out units that are reported as 
not operating properly; clean rooftop unit and chiller coils; replacing condenser or evaporator fan 
motors .
Carpentry - Replace broken or stained ceiling tiles; hang pictures, etc.
Painting - Paint or touch up walls and doors as needed; paint small items using spray paint.
General Services - Conduct campus cleanliness; move furniture or other large items; setup for 
events; deliver goods; help instructors with equipment moves; assist other departments as needed; 
keep the facilities department & warehouse clean, and orderly at all times.
Application  Procedure  and Deadline:
1. Applicants  must submit a resume and TCAT Memphis   Application.
2. The application can be found on the school  website.  www.tcatmemphis .e du
3. Current federal law requires identification and eligibility verification prior to employment. 
Only U.S. citizens and  aliens authorized  to work in the United  States may  be  employed.
Interested  applicants should  submit  resume and  application to:

Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Memphis
Attn: Pam  Farley
550 Alabama Avenue
Memphis, TN 38105
or email to:  pam.farley@tcatmemphis.edu

NOTICE OF NON-DISCRIMINATION: The Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Memphis does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the  non-discrimination policies: Gwen Sutton, 550 Alabama Ave, Memphis, TN 38105, phone no. 
901-543-6137, Email: gwen.sutton@tcatmemphis.edu


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