Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration


This 20-month program provides individual­ized classroom instruction and practical shop experience to train students for employment as entry-level technicians. Students learn to repair, troubleshoot, and maintain the operating condi­tion of residential and commercial air condition­ing systems and refrigeration, heat pumps, elec­tric and gas heating, solar and hydronic heating, ice machines and humidifiers.


Information Detail
Time Commitment Full Time
Typical Program Length 20 Months
Clock Hours 2,160
Class Type Day
Credentials Certificate, Diploma
Total Tuition/Fees $6,230.00
Textbook/Supplies Cost $2,609.35
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Program Credentials

Option NameHoursCredentials
HVAC Mechanic Helper432Certificate
Domestic Unit Repair864Certificate
Refrigeration Technician 1296Diploma
Heating/Ventilation & Air Conditioning1296Diploma
Heating/Ventilation, Air Cond./Refrigeration Technician1728Diploma
Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technician2160Diploma

Campus Locations

Main Campus
550 Alabama Ave.
Memphis, TN 38105

Job Duties

Install or repair heating, central air conditioning, or refrigeration systems, including oil burners, hot-air furnaces, and heating stoves.

Job Outlook

Bright Outlook: Yes

Currently employed in the area: 5,730

Current job openings per year: 230

Salary Range


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