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Southwest, TCAT-Memphis, the MMBC and three local businesses partner to establish vital pipeline to jobs in electrical, masonry and concrete with newly formed TAP Consortium.


MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE (Oct. 2, 2018)  – Thousands of skilled labor jobs go unfilled in Memphis every day.  Presidents from Tennessee College of Applied Technology at Memphis (TCAT-Memphis), Southwest Tennessee Community College, and the MMBC Continuum announced earlier today a joint venture with the newly formed TAP Consortium to launch a construction apprenticeship program.  Beginning in January, participants will work during the day and attend TCAT-Memphis at night to learn skills in electrical, masonry or concrete.

The TAP Consortium consists of TopCat Masonry Contractors, A1 Electrical Contractors and Precision Concrete Works LLC.  TAP co-founder and Precision president Martin Carodine says all three companies will provide jobs to apprenticeship participants as they earn a diploma or certificate at TCAT-Memphis.  “The TAP Education Consortium (TAP) was formed to address the construction industry’s declining, skilled labor workforce,” he said. “TAP wants to equip youth and other individuals with the necessary skills to shift their trajectory in a positive direction.  We are excited about the impact our collaboration will have on our community.”